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How to build a digital twin

A 5-step guide to creating a digital twin

Step 1

Website registration

It all starts with opening an account and supplying the relevant information about your property that a potential buyer needs when thinking about buying a house.

Step 2

Think of all your property information like physical “bricks”. They build a picture of your property so potential buyers know what they are buying.

Digitise house

Now let’s digitize those “bricks” into “blocks” of data and build a digital house. You now have a digital twin. As you can see, a digital twin is effectively a digital replica of your real property.

Step 3

You can access your digital twin via your Mozaic Markets account anytime.

When you are ready to sell, you will see a dashboard of bids from potential buyers from
anywhere in the world. You are in control of who you want to sell to.

Step 4

Your digital twin can be sold whole or broken up into small pieces too, like a Mosaic, to sell to more than one person. We call this Fractional Ownership.

Step 5

Sold! All legal documentation automatically transfers to the person or people you sold your digital twin to and the money arrives in your Mozaic Markets account.


Digitize Your Real Estate Portfolio

We are offering discounts to eligible property participants for a limited time until October 31, 2020. This voucher can be used against fees incurred by the voucher holder when selling their real estate during the first two years from the platform’s launch.

There are three discount levels available:


CA$ 500
  • 20% discount against sales fees
  • Valid for 12 months
  • Can be used on up to three properties with a cumulative value of CA$1,000,000


CA$ 1000
  • 55% discount against sales fees
  • Valid for 18 months
  • Can be used on up to six properties with a cumulative value of CA$2,000,000


CA$ 2000
  • 100% discount against sales fees
  • 15% cashback against sales fees
  • No expiration date
  • Can be used on up to 12 properties with a cumulative value of CA$4,000,000
Special buy


Register to keep in the know

This autumn we will be launching an Education Portal to help property owners learn about our technology, how to create a digital twin of a building, and how the trading process works. To find out when it is available and be given a password to access the portal, as well as receive thought leadership, research and updates on our planned launch, please register below for free.