2030 Group Canada

Real Estate Platform

Exclusive. Early access. Limited time discount.


Product Features

We will immediately begin work on digitizing your property portfolio to create digital twins of your physical real estate assets.


Once finalized, you will have access to the digital twins via the Mozaic Markets platform and will be able to sell fractions of your portfolio into the market and manage your digital assets directly.


You will not pay any sales commission, ever, on any part of the portfolio that you put forward for digitization at the start, (option B only).

There are two options available: 

Option A

CA$ 1000
  • Pre-Order Booking of CAD$1,000 deposit payment to be held by 2030 Canada Group in escrow
  • Fully refunded after 12 months should you decide either not to use the platform or do not require the digital twin, or if for whatever reason the platform cannot be finalized
  • The CAD$1,000 deposit will be off set against any fees you will incur using the platform. We expect our fees to be in the range of 0.5% to 1.5%
  • All property that you put forward for digitization at the outset will be guaranteed a sales fee at the lower end of our expected range of 0.5%

Option B

CA$ 35,000
  • The price of CA$35,000 applies for the first 50 doors
  • For every door after the initial 50, the price is CA$1000 per door

Early Access Benefits

Founding Members:

An opportunity to be the first properties listed on the platform in digitized form

Receive a discount against sales commission fees

Able to raise money without needing to increase your debt

Increased access to alternative pools of capital both domestically and internationally


Not Ready to Buy?

If you are not ready to purchase a voucher but are interested in staying informed, eligible participants can register with us to receive our newsletter and access to our education portal when it is launched later this year.


What happens next?

  1. You will be asked to fill in a digital form providing the early details we need to digitize your property.
  2. Our analysts will review your information and begin the verification process.
  3. Once digitized you will be assigned an account number and password to your My Mozaic account.

We aim to launch our real estate platform in early 2021 and eventually facilitate secondary trading within 12 months.


Register to keep in the know

This winter we will be launching an Education Portal to help property owners learn about our technology, how to create a digital twin of a building, and how the trading process works. To find out when it is available and be given a password to access the portal, as well as receive thought leadership, research and updates on our planned launch, please register below for free.


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