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How to invest in digital real estate


How to invest in digital real estate

A 5-step guide to investing in digital real estate

Step 1

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It all starts with opening a Mozaic Markets account.

Step 2

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Once approved, you can access all assets for sale through our global digital marketplace. Real estate,
forests, precious metals, even art. Token data is dynamic and updated in real-time so you can make
informed investment decisions.

Step 3


Mobile-optimized so you can trade wherever you are in the world on the move.
When you’re ready to buy, you just confirm your offer, and we take care of the rest.

Step 4


If your offer is accepted by the seller, congratulations! You become the legal owner.
The asset token is updated, the documentation transfers to you and your account is updated.

Step 5

Your account includes all the information you need about your digital portfolio in one place – charts, performance history, documentation, current valuation

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When you are ready to sell, it is just as quick and easy. You just list what you would like to sell, review bids received and choose who you want to sell to.


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